Know Your Stone: Petrified Wood

Our collection of petrified wood jewelry shows off a variety of colors and patterns - but each one is reminiscent of the living, breathing tree that it started off as. The pieces have that warmth and organic feel of wood, with the durability and shine of stone. Don’t forget that you can engrave a tree drawing on the back of the silver!

Know Your Stone: Yule Marble

My parents have always gone on pretty epic adventures. My mother is a retired school teacher and I’m pretty sure some of our adventures when I was growing up were actually field trips. This June,...

Know Your Stone: Red Rocks Sandstone

It’s the same beautiful red as the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Collected nearby in Morisson, Colorado on August 5, 2023, this sandstone is iconically red. The larger grain size means that the jewelry made with this stone has a matte appearance and a toothy texture.

Don't Have a Stone? Use One of Mine!

When you buy stone jewelry, do you ever wonder where the stone came from? How was the rock formed? Who pulled it from the earth? How was it shaped and polished? What memories are captured in...

Ode to Landscape Gravel

Landscape gravel might not strike you as a place to look for stones to be made in jewelry.  You may be surprised!

How to Pick Out a Stone

You've decided to select a rock to turn into jewelry. Simple, right? Not so fast! After decades of rock collecting, I know that it can be difficult to pick the right stone. Or to pick only...

Can I collect a stone here?

You spot a stone. It's beautiful! Then you wonder: is it is okay to collect it? The answer unfortunately is that it depends. There are places where a person can collect rocks and places where a person should not...