At Waystone, every piece of jewelry is made from natural stone whose origin can be traced to the location where it was collected. You can also send us your own sentimental stone to be shaped, polished, and set in sterling silver.

But how do we transform ordinary rocks into jewelry? Read on!

Step One: Prepare the Stone

Before we make a single cut, we identify the stone type and its physical properties. Then, we cut a flat slab from the stone and mount it to a base to prepare it for the next step. We also snap a quick picture and combine the notes to document your stone’s journey to becoming a keepsake.

Step Two: Shape the Stone

We use a saw to cut the stone down to size, and diamond tooling to round out the stone and grind it into its final shape. Then, we polish up the world-facing side of the stone. If you order a stone with a natural finish, we skip the rounding and polishing steps, but spend more time making sure the stone is sturdy enough to be worn, without fissures or cracks.

If there are cracks, or if you’re sending us a porous stone, we’ll repair or fill the stone with a hard, clear epoxy to make it more durable.

Step Three: The Backing

Next, the sterling silver backing for your piece is formed. We anneal your silver to prevent it from cracking when the stone is set. If assembly is required, the metal pieces are welded together.

Finally, we use a laser engraver to personalize your jewelry with the custom engraving you selected when ordering.

Step Four: Assembly

Here’s where the transformation happens! We mount the stone to its backing and polish the silver for a fine finish. If you order a necklace, we cut the chain to your desired length and assemble with one of three clasp options. We even secure the jump rings by welding them closed, to make sure your jewelry lasts a lifetime.

Step Five: Finish and Ship

We inspect the piece and once it’s perfect, we place it in our plastic-free packaging, made from recycled cardboard without bleach, dyes, or glue. Recycle your box at the end of its life cycle!

The photos and information we gathered about your stone are put in a Stone Provenance document that we send with your piece. This document certifies that your jewelry was made with the stone you chose. 

Then it’s sent back to you!

Still have some questions? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page!