What Length Necklace Should I Get?

What Length Necklace Should I Get?

It can be hard to imagine what different necklace lengths will look like when worn. Never fear, our chain length guide is here!

While preferred length can vary depending on your body type, we find that 18" is the most popular chain length for pendant or charm necklaces. At this length, the pendant of your necklace will fall an inch or two below the collarbone. This makes an 18" chain length ideal for many shirt styles.

Of course, here at Waystone every necklace is custom-made, so you get to choose exactly what chain length would fit the best. Use this guide to decide what chain length to get. 


Chain Length Guide

Necklace length guide with woman wearing charm necklaces in varying lengths from 18 inches to 30 inches
You can select a chain length from 14"-30" when creating your Waystone necklace.


Chokers and Layering

When aiming for a choker-style necklace, knowing your neck circumference goes a long way. According to a study done in Brazil, average neck size for men is about 15 1/2" and average neck size for women is about 13 3/8". This means that 16" is the minimum choker length for most men, and the average women will find a 14" length to be comfortable. Of course, it's best to know your own measurements! 

Lengths longer than 26" are dramatic and great for layering. A larger pendant size like on the Large Lodestar Necklace is a good match for a very long chain. 


Can't Decide?

Take some string and cut it to the length you're considering. Hold it around your neck to approximate where the necklace will fall. And if all else fails, contact us and our jewelers will give their expert advice!

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