5 Reasons to Love the Confluence Stud Earrings

5 Reasons to Love the Confluence Stud Earrings

Con·​flu·​ence: a place of meeting between two streams

In downtown Denver, you will find Confluence Park where the Cherry Creek joins with the South Platte River and, surprisingly, the river runs North. The joining of two rivers is the perfect name for Waystone’s new earrings. 


Why You'll Love Our Custom Stone Studs

A pair of speckled stone confluence stud earrings from Waystone with a white background and a dark shadow


1. Classic, Timeless, and Simple

Just like your stones! It’s true, there have been many different popular earrings, but the stud is always in fashion no matter your age. Set in sterling silver, these earrings are bound to go with any outfit and any style. 


A white male smiles while wearing the Waystone's small confluence stud earrings


2. Gender Neutral

With some jewelry there is a distinct feminine or masculine lean. But with studs, they know no bounds. 


The back of Waystone's stud confluence earrings, showing the stainless steel posts welded to the sterling silver housing


3. Comfortable

We use stainless steel posts and backings, so you know they won’t bother even the most sensitive of skin. Studs hold the stone close to your earlobe so even dense stones won’t pull or tug on your ears. These can easily be worn all day for special occasions or everyday wear.  


All three of Waystone's stud confluence earrings on a white hand comparing the different sizes


4. Versatile Sizing

We offer the Confluence Earrings in three sizes to match your personal style. 8mm is small and subtle, 10mm is stylish, and 16mm is a bold statement!


A woman wearing the medium confluence earrings looking at peace with the world


5. Custom Without the High Cost

Waystone includes custom engraving on sterling silver of the earrings for a fraction of the cost of most custom jewelry. On the 8mm and 10mm, the subtle engraving is visible on the side of the earring, while the 16mm offers a little bit more real estate on the back of the earring. Commemorate where you picked up your stone or create a special note for a gift. The options are limitless!


If you're intrigued by the idea of turning your own special rocks into jewelry, the Confluence Earrings are a great place to start!

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