Ways to Engrave Your Custom Jewelry

Sterling silver pendant necklaces engraved with personal messages and art

Our bread and butter here at Waystone is turning your stone into personalized jewelry. Not only do you get to send us a stone to be set in sterling silver, but you get to tell us how to engrave the back of your jewelry too.

Adding custom engraving makes your jewelry that much more unique and meaningful. Thanks to our laser engraver, we can turn digital art into beautiful, personal art on your jewelry. 

We give you 80+ engraving options to choose from when designing your jewelry. What you pick is totally up to you!

Scroll to see all the ways you'll be able to engrave your custom jewelry at Waystone, and get lots of ideas for personal gifts to create.


Engrave a Message

A quote engraved on a sterling silver necklace reads, "How wild it was to let it be" by Cheryl Strayed

Perhaps the simplest choice is to engrave a personal message on your piece. We often see people engrave song lyrics, meaningful quotes, a date, or their names.

The larger your jewelry, the more space you'll have to engrave. For example, the Large Lodestar Necklace has room for up to 11 lines and 200 characters. The Atlas Cufflinks, on the other hand, have room for just one line and 22 characters on each cufflink. 


A monogram engraved on a pendant on a chain

A monogram is a classy way to make your jewelry your own. When entering the initials for your engraving, be sure to enter them in this order: first name, last name, middle name.

That way, the first initial of the last name takes up the biggest spot in the middle, with the first and middle initials on either side. Don't worry; we'll give you an example to follow when ordering.

Flowers, Trees, and Peaks

Do we stop there? No way! We love images of nature here at Waystone, and give you a plethora of North American flowers, trees, and peaks to engrave on your jewelry. We'll give you a preview of your art options here, but you'll have to start designing with the jewelry customizer on the product page to see them all.


North American Flowers

Graphic showing 5 art options with North American flower illustrations

Flowers are one of the most popular choices to engrave. Select from 11 designs to engrave many of the most popular wildflowers and cut flowers in North America. 


North American Trees

Graphic showing 5 art options with North American tree illustrations

Sturdy and strong, a North American tree is both a symbol of longevity and a marker of place. We've included a variety of trees from across 50 states. 


North American Peaks

Graphic showing 5 art options with North American peak illustrations

We know that many of our people here at Waystone like to hike and climb. Choose from 11 of the highest peaks in North America to engrave on your jewelry. Just be careful about where you pick up your stone; rock collecting isn't allowed in National Parks. 


All 50 States

Here's an easy choice: engrave your home state! The jewelry customizer will give you the options to select art for each of the 50 U.S. states. 

Graphic showing 5 art options with U.S. state illustrations

Another cute idea would be to make matching best friends necklaces and each wear the other's home state. 


Latitude and Longitude

Stone pendant necklace with latitude and longitude coordinates engraved on the back

Last but not least, we make it easy to engrave latitude and longitude coordinates on your jewelry. If you want to commemorate a special place, like where you found your stone, just enter the coordinates to get them engraved.


How to Get Started

Ready to preview what your jewelry will look like? Select a jewelry style then use the product customizer on the product page to start adding your engraving. You'll get to see a live preview with your choices before adding your jewelry to the cart. 

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