How to Use a Ring Sizer

Sizing makes buying rings online more difficult than other jewelry. Unlike necklaces, which are are pretty straightforward - check out our blog on necklace sizing to see why! - rings require a bit more precision. Luckily,...

Ring Removal Safety

Safety is important to me. And while the idea of creating custom stone rings thrills me, I wanted to make sure we did it right. That’s why, during the development of the stainless steel Signpost...

Designing a Modern Signet Ring

Signet rings, by design, were historically used to “sign” or stamp a document and were considered to be more authentic than a signature. A design etched into the ring could be used to make your mark into wax or clay. Every signet ring was unique and so is our Signpost Signet Ring made with YOUR stone.

Making Jewelry with Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

Not every stone we turn into jewelry comes from rocks we've collected ourselves. Occasionally, we come across a local rock dealer with some pieces that we just can't pass up. Recently, my dad went to...

About Petrified Wood

Our collection of petrified wood jewelry shows off a variety of colors and patterns - but each one is reminiscent of the living, breathing tree that it started off as. The pieces have that warmth and organic feel of wood, with the durability and shine of stone. Don’t forget that you can engrave a tree drawing on the back of the silver!


The mineral is a type of feldspar, which is a rock that forms during a volcanic event. Feldspar is very common, but normally is white or gray in color. The theory is that while the magma was cooling, there was lead and water present which resulted in the vibrant blue color. Wild to think that scientists don’t know exactly what causes the coloring! I’m thrilled to share these rare and stunning stones with you. Don’t wait long if you love the jewelry - there’s not a lot of the stone out there!

Yule Marble

My parents have always gone on pretty epic adventures. My mother is a retired school teacher and I’m pretty sure some of our adventures when I was growing up were actually field trips. This June,...

Red Rocks Sandstone

It’s the same beautiful red as the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Collected nearby in Morisson, Colorado on August 5, 2023, this sandstone is iconically red. The larger grain size means that the jewelry made with this stone has a matte appearance and a toothy texture.

The Best Necklace Clasp for Arthritis

When you personalize your Lodestar Necklace from Waystone, you'll see that you have three clasp options to choose from: lobster, toggle, and hook and eye. It's obvious that each clasp has a different aesthetic appeal, but...