About the Signpost Signet Ring

About the Signpost Signet Ring

History of Signet Rings

Signet rings, by design, were originally used to “sign” or stamp a document and were considered to be more authentic than a signature. A design etched into the ring could be used to make your mark into wax or clay. Every ring was unique and was used to personally identify the wearer. The signet ring came to prominence during the middle ages, when any noble of importance had their own signet ring - which, naturally, was destroyed upon the noble’s death to avoid imposters. 


 Custom wedding band for him, custom signet ring engraving

Custom Engraving Ideas

As a nod to the one-of-a-kind history of signet rings, Waystone’s custom signet rings can be made with YOUR rock or stone so you know that no one else has one just like it. The inside of your ring can be engraved with your message. Here’s some engraving ideas:

    • Song lyrics
    • Latitude and longitude where your stone was collected
    • An important date
    • Your catchphrase (to make it bespoke, write it in latin)
    • Your initials

If you are looking for custom wedding band, here are some other engraving ideas:

    • Your wedding venue
    • Couple’s name and the wedding date
    • Your inside joke
    • Your proposal location

custom wedding bands for him, personalized wedding rings

Signpost Signet Ring Details

The Signpost ring is a masculine style ring, but with a wide range of ring sizes, we can accommodate a petite finger up to the biggest finger size. If your ring size falls outside of our normal range of 6-15, please contact us at hello@mywaystone.com to inquire about a custom band size. Check out our sizing blog post for more information on how to find your perfect fit. 

Unlike the historical nature of signet rings, the Signpost is made from one solid piece of metal. By turning each ring from a solid piece of metal, the ring is not subject to breakage at weak weld points. For maximum durability, the Signpost ring is designed using 8-18 stainless steel. This steel is resistant to corrosion and can be worn daily with little concern of damage. In fact, my Dad has been wearing the prototype for several months around our machine shop where it takes heavy abuse and it has been holding up great (unlike his gold wedding band, which is no longer round). 

Two custom mens rings - one with a silver finish and one with a champagne finish


The picture shows the two different finishes available for the Sigpost ring, but both are made from the same stainless steel. One finish is a silver color with a high polish, which might be what you first think of when you think of stainless steel as it is the same appearance as most utensils. The other finish is a Champagne color. We achieve this color by heating stainless steel in an industrial oven for a period of time. Over time, this color created by this surface treatment will fade in high-wear areas, but it cannot be damaged by normal cleaning.  

Picking your stone 

When picking a stone for your Signpost ring, keep in mind that rings are normally banged around more than other pieces of jewelry. While we can make jewelry from just about any stone, we recommend that only harder rocks are chosen for your Signpost ring. If you can’t scratch your rock with your fingernail, it is probably a good pick! I can't wait to see what you pick for your Signpost - start designing your ring here!

design my own wedding ring. A custom engraved Signpost Signet ring sitting on top of the rock the inlaid stone was cut from.

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