Designing a Modern Signet Ring

Designing a Modern Signet Ring

We're a family-founded business made up of people who work with their hands. Fussy rings aren't really our thing.

That's why, when we first started discussing masculine ring designs, we knew two things: our design not only had to be durable, but we also wanted to incorporate a shaped stone that could hold up to some dings and wear. Our eyes turned to the signet ring. 


History of Signet Rings

Signet rings were originally made and used to “sign” or stamp a document. A design etched into the ring could be used to make your mark into wax or clay, which was considered to be more authentic than a signature. Every ring was unique and was used to personally identify the wearer.

The signet ring came to prominence during the Middle Ages, when any noble of importance had their own signet ring — which, naturally, was destroyed upon the noble’s death to avoid imposters. 

Byzantine signet ring
Silver signet ring from the 6th century reads "of Mark" (Byzantine Empire). Public domain image from Walters Art Museum.

Given that every Waystone piece is completely unique, we loved the idea of drawing upon this history to make a unique, personalizable ring design.


Signpost Signet Ring

After making a few prototypes, we came up with a design that seamlessly fits a shaped stone into a solid metal band. What makes this ring truly unique is that you can send almost any rock or mineral to be used to create the "signet" for your ring.

Man wearing stainless steel ring with inset natural granite stone

For maximum durability, the ring is designed using 8-18 stainless steel, turned from a solid piece of metal so that the ring is not subject to breakage at weak weld points. Corrosion-resistant, it can be worn daily with little concern of damage.

In fact, my dad has been wearing the prototype for several months around our machine shop where it takes heavy abuse and it has been holding up great (unlike his gold wedding band, which is no longer round). 

Two custom mens rings - one with a silver finish and one with a champagne finish

You can choose between silver color and champagne color finishes for the ring, each made with stainless steel. The champagne color is achieved by an annealing process where the steel is heated in an industrial oven. Over time, the color created by this surface treatment will fade in high-wear areas, but it cannot be damaged by normal cleaning.

The Signpost Signet Ring is a masculine style ring, but with a wide range of ring sizes, we can accommodate a petite finger up to the biggest finger size. If your ring size falls outside of our normal range of 6-15, please contact us at to inquire about a custom band size. You can also check out our blog post about how to use a ring sizer for more information on how to find your perfect fit. 


Engraving Makes It Even More Unique

As a nod to the one-of-a-kind history of signet rings, you can also engrave the inside of your ring with up to 66 characters to add a personal message and make it even more unique to you.

Text you might want to engrave includes:

    • Song lyrics
    • Latitude and longitude where your stone was collected
    • An important date
    • Your catchphrase (to make it bespoke, write it in latin)
    • Your initials

If you're using the ring as a wedding band, some of the most popular text to engrave includes: 

    • Your wedding venue
    • Your names and the wedding date
    • An inside joke
    • Where you got engaged
Silver color stainless ring with text engraved inside


Picking Your Stone 

When picking a stone for your Signpost Signet Ring, keep in mind that rings get banged around more than other pieces of jewelry. While we can make jewelry from just about any stone, we recommend that only harder rocks are chosen for your ring. If you can’t scratch your rock with your fingernail, it is probably a good choice.

I can't wait to see what stones you pick for your ring. Start designing your ring here!

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