Know Your Stone: Amazonite

Know Your Stone: Amazonite

We visited the Rocky Mountain Gem and Mineral show earlier this year in hopes of finding a bit of this rare mineral - and we got lucky! My Mom and Dad found two coin sized pieces of Amazonite from an individual that has a claim outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were able to eek out several earrings and necklaces out of the stones they picked up. Check them out here!

three jewelry pieces with amazonite

Amazonite is named after the Amazon River, as it was thought to have first been found there - the mineral that was found there is now known to be something else, but the name stuck! Amazonite is only found in a handful of places throughout the globe and is most commonly found in Colorado, specifically just south of Colorado Springs. 

The mineral is a type of feldspar, which is a rock that forms during a volcanic event. Feldspar is very common, but normally is white or gray in color. The theory is that while the magma was cooling, there was lead and water present which resulted in the vibrant blue color. Wild to think that scientists don’t know exactly what causes the coloring! I’m thrilled to share these rare and stunning stones with you. Don’t wait long if you love the jewelry - there’s not a lot of the stone out there!

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