What Is Waystone's Natural Finish Option?

A gray stone with gold pyrite and crystal inclusions

When you go to design your Waystone jewelry, you'll have the choice on some products to check a box that you're interested in a natural stone finish. You're probably wondering, "Aren't all stones natural? What does a natural finish even mean?"

Typically, when we make your jewelry, we shape and polish your stone to a smooth, shiny surface. Polishing brings out beautiful colors in the stone, and makes its unique texture really stand out.

Every once in a while, however, a stone arrives at our workshop that would be shame to polish down. That's where the natural finish comes in.


Outer Beauty As Well As Inner Beauty

The inner beauty of stones always amazes me. But sometimes the outer surfaces of stones are just as amazingly beautiful. Some of the most stunning ones I've seen have clusters of crystals that sparkle like jewels. Who would want to just cut that off?

The natural finish option is an alternative to our standard smooth polish that's perfect for stones with interesting features on the outer surface. Check the box when designing your jewelry to let us know that you're interested in a natural stone finish, and we can try to incorporate the natural face of the stone into the finished jewelry for spectacular results.Graphic showing before and after images of gray stone with crystals on one side transformed into a sparkling crystal pendant necklace

A natural finish Lodestar necklace made from a customer's stone 

This stone that was sent to us by a beta tester had one face with a buttering of quartz and gold‐colored iron pyrite crystals. When making their Lodestar Necklace, we were able to use that face of the stone and keep the one large cubic crystal at the edge of the surface.


Stone Features We Consider

While not every stone will be a good candidate for the natural finish, the results can be downright stunning depending on a stone's features. 

When making Waystone jewelry, we first look at your stone and decide which portion of the stone to use for your piece. This decision is based on the stone's features like its layers or inclusions (other materials trapped inside the stone) that look interesting.

We also study the stone's structure to make sure we use a section of the stone that will be durable enough to make jewelry you can wear every day. If a stone has interesting features on the outside that are durable enough to last, it's a good candidate to be crafted with the natural finish.


Making Special Requests

There may be a part of your stone that you're especially excited about incorporating into your finished piece. Please do include a note with your stone if there's a particular section that you find interesting or beautiful! We won't always be able to incorporate it, but we'll do our best.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is no additional charge to have your jewelry crafted with a natural finish! Just check the box when you're designing your jewelry to let us know that you'd like your stone to be considered for it. After we get your stone, we'll let you know if it's a good fit for this special finish.



When we started Waystone, we wanted to give people a way to make totally unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry from their special stones. We're offering the natural finish option as one more way to make your stone into personal keepsake that's also a truly beautiful conversation piece.

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