The Meaning of "Waystone"

The Meaning of "Waystone"

As 2023 begins, I want to take a moment to reflect on our rebranding journey from last year, which began by changing our name from “Close to your Heart” to “Waystone”. We needed something that expressed our identity, our product and was a bit more polished (forgive me this one pun). This is what Peter, one of our founders, wrote about the new name: 

“Waystone is a synonym for Lodestone. The word lodestone literally means "way stone" in Old English.

A lodestone is a naturally occurring magnet, usually hematite or magnetite. The important historical use for the stone was for making sailor’s compasses.

Compasses, of course, show the way and keep one from getting lost.

The figurative meaning for a waystone is something that naturally and powerfully attracts people toward it, and something that guides or sets direction.”

We are so excited to help you preserve your memories in jewelry and keep them from getting lost. Here’s to an exciting 2023 full of possibilities.

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