The Best Necklace Clasp for Arthritis

The Best Necklace Clasp for Arthritis

When you personalize your Lodestar Necklace from Waystone, you'll see that you have three clasp options to choose from: lobster, toggle, and hook and eye. It's obvious that each clasp has a different aesthetic appeal, but there's another reason why we choose to offer more than just the standard lobster clasp that you find at most jewelers: accessibility.

Clasp Options for Waystone. Toggle, Hook and Eye, and Lobster

If like me, you have some hand flexibility and mobility issues, the lobster clasp can be very difficult to use! 

Obviously, people who struggle with the standard lobster clasp find ways to make do. You could order a necklace with a chain long enough to slip over your head and avoid having to clasp or unclasp the necklace altogether, limiting your choices for wearing a necklace to accent your attire. You could also recruit the assistance of a helpful significant other to help you with the clasp. But as anyone with mobility issues knows, it is sometimes difficult to find good, reliable help when you need it.

So that leaves you struggling with clasps to put your jewelry. I often turn the necklace around to the front to fasten the clasp so I can see what I am doing, but I have spent so much time refastening the necklace because it is upside down using this technique. There are also some devices available to help with fastening clasps, but I have never found them to be useful. 

That's why we offer the toggle and hook and eye clasps, which are the friendliest for those of us with hand mobility issues. Lobster clasps are undeniably more secure, but I prefer to use a clasp that I can put on myself with much less struggle. 

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