Don't Have a Stone? Use One of Mine!

Don't Have a Stone? Use One of Mine!

When you buy stone jewelry, do you ever wonder where the stone came from? How was the rock formed? Who pulled it from the earth? How was it shaped and polished? What memories are captured in its crystals?

My family has always picked up rocks and stones while traveling. As an adult, rocks and stones are the only souvenirs my mom would request when I traveled. I brought back small rocks and pebbles from California, France, Germany, Ireland (ah, remember traveling before kids?!). They would end up in plastic bags and preserved on dressers.

Now, with small kids, our treasures are gathered from around our neighborhood in Denver and from hikes in the nearby Rocky Mountains. 


My preschooler demonstrating how to responsibly collect rocks on a hike.


This is the last summer before my eldest starts preschool in the fall, so I have been getting both her and the baby out on adventures as much as possible. My eldest is 3 and loves to help me collect rocks and stones (and sticks and pinecones and fistfuls of dirt) while we are hiking. Back in April, we took an outing to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado. The weather was just starting to get warm and it was a perfect day to collect some stones to turn into jewelry. 

We collected mostly granite, feldspar and quartzite. I’m drawn more to the pink feldspar pieces and the white quartzite - but the sparkles in the black granite in the area are stunning. Here are three pieces we collected that I formed into jewelry: 



All of the jewelry made from these stones is now available to shop in our collections. I hope you enjoy their transformation from rock to jewelry - I like to say that every stone is beautiful, so it's thrilling to share that beauty! 

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